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assiniboine hunters

2010, oil, 34"h x 50"w

5.Assiniboin Hunters 34x50.jpg

The Assiniboine Tribe was a hunting-gathering people whose range encompassed the prairie lands between the Saskatchewan River in the north to the Missouri River in the south. "The Stone Boilers," or "People of the White Clay," as they called themselves, were an early offshoot of the Sioux as their dialect confirms. They were relatively horse poor, which contributed to their daring as cunning horse thieves, especially against the avowed enemy, the Blackfeet Nation. Their surprise winter horse-stealing raids were legendary.

In this painting, the artist applies the use of varied warm and cool grays upon a solid design of positive and negative shapes that gives us a glimpse into a harsh winter season. Assiniboine hunters stop to warm themselves and rest, having failed to find a game during a morning search down Otter Robe coulee. The one possessing "badger medicine" sees movement at the distant timber edge. Perhaps luck may yet turn in their favor!

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