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camp sentry

2008, oil, 54"h x 36"w

33. Camp Sentry 46x30-.jpg

When "Cold Maker" laid his ermine mantle down upon the Western prairies it was time to move to long-term winter camps. The people of the nomadic buffalo culture would then seek the protection of deep and heavily timbered river bottoms to wait out winter's grip. Without the more frequent camp movements that took place when snow was absent, the people and their horse herds were more at risk from enemy raiding parties. So continuous vigilance was the rule during this sedentary period. A winter guard would be enlisted to ride out from camp and patrol the surrounding area watchful for any sign of enemies, checking for game movements, and making sure the horse herds were not permitted to drift too far off. Riding a long winded, sure footed horse, suited to the cold west winds, this camp sentry surveys the perimeter of his domain.

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