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lakota warriors

little bighorn, june 25, 1876

2009, oil, 51.5"h x 39.25"w

18.Lakota Warrior Little Bighorn 51x39.j

Cataclysm, into mystery, into infamy, these are the watchwords that have followed George Armstrong Custer and his Command after they rode down the Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876. In aa celebratory stance of pure hubris, a Lakota soldier carries a Seventh Cavalry guidon as sign and symbol of a subjugated adversary. This flag would go on to become emblematic of the demise of a free nomadic way of life, not just for the Sioux, but for all the Indian tribes who once lived the buffalo culture.

An actual piece of the guidon, picked up from the battlefield, was provided to Zhuo for study and inspiration by a Civil War historian. The thirty-five star pattern was used during the Civil War, and later during the Indian War period. It is the focal point of a strong circular composition that begins and ends with it.

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