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pride of the lakota


2012, oil, 48"h x 28"w

26.Pride of the Lakota 48x28.jpg

The most westerly groups of the Sioux tribe were the Tetons, also known as Lakota. This group contained seven tribes, all truly "horse and buffalo" people. The seven were Oglala, Brule, Miniconjou, Sans Arc, Hunkpapa, Sihasapa and Two Kettles. After reading an early account of a warrior chief of the Two Kettles tribe known as Black Rock, which chronicled the chief's accomplishments and many battle honors, the artist was inspired to create this painting. Displayed in a striking horned bonnet, ermine-trimmed with a trailer of eagle feathers to the ground, he wears a fine buffalo robe painted with the record of his war deeds, and holds his sacred pipe and tobacco bag. This is a majestic portrait in the regal uniform of a warrior people.

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