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solitary hunter

2005, oil, 36"h x 54"w

2.Solitary Hunter 36x52.jpg

The concepts of self-sufficiency and solitude, commonplace in the lives of the American Indian, are profoundly intrigued to Zhuo. When he considers their many hardships, and the instability of their wild environment, his imagination is engaged with numerous themes upon which to build painting ideas.

The lone hunter as a true son of Mother Nature, pitting himself against the odds, is a powerful ad fascinating story, especially when told by Z.S. Liang.

Not only is the hunter faced with the constant and often desperate task of providing for his family and tribe, but he also must be proficient in the complicated fabrication of the weapons and tools vital to the hunt. Skill and inventive creativity were very much a part of all that these people did and in this painting they are symbolized by the canoe, the bow, and the hammered copper earring worn by this resolute hunter.

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