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lakota sash bearer


2011, oil, 54"h x 36"w

15.The Sash Bearer 1848 54x36.jpg

Chosen to stand and fight or succumb in combat, such is the fate of this Lakota warrior. His bonnet, shield, and "society" lance mark him as a member of the warrior society known as The Dogs or Miwatani. As a man of prominence and a proven war record, he has been honored to be one of the few members selected as sash bearers. As much as it is great honor, so too is it highly precarious. The duty of this man requires him to stake himself to one spot on the field of battle. He can only be freed from this fighting stance by another of his fellow warriors. This display of utter defiance and selfless courage will inspire and rally his fellow brothers engaged in the fray. (The act inspired the painting as well.) The image has a wonderfully vigorous design of action that bursts forth from the background and the war bonnet, and continues down through the figure. 

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